Facebook Fan Pages vs. Myspace Artist Pages

Last year, a publicist set up a Facebook fan page for me but I didn’t get involved in it myself initially. Until January 6th this year that is, when I decided to kick start it by becoming active updating the page.

Here’s the link: Frederik Magle Music

A Facebook Fan Page differs from a Myspace musician’s profile in several ways. Put simply, Facebook “fans” cannot be compared to myspace “friends”.

First of all, you cannot add “fans” in the same way you can add myspace friends (that can even be done in bulk). The Facebook users have to find and add your page by themselves as a conscious choice (You can, however, send out invitations to your existing facebook friends, but if you’re like me you’ll have much fewer facebook friends than myspace friends and most of them are “real life” friends, family, and acquaintances).

When people become a fan of you on facebook they display that on their profile and in their news feed. Hence becoming a fan of something on facebook is significant thing – a statement for all your real friends and family to see, whereas becoming a myspace friend doesn’t necessarily signify any particular “approval” or interest in the new “friend”.

To make a long story short, a myspace “friend” is not necessarily a fan or even someone remotely interested in your music, but a facebook “fan” is most likely a real fan or at least someone genuinely interested in you and/or your music.

To me that makes the Facebook fan page more relevant than a Myspace page as a way of getting the word out and connecting with online listeners, even with far fewer “fans” than myspace “friends”. I’m not abandoning Myspace, but I will focus the time I spend of “social networks” on the Facebook page from now on (though of course I will always spend the most time and give highest priority to my own website.)

2 thoughts on “Facebook Fan Pages vs. Myspace Artist Pages”

  1. Is kind of complicated in this virtual world with this bunch of networks and profiles sites. I keep the lowest amount of contacts posible in all of them. If people do care of you or what you bring to the world as an art they will find you. Like you related to me on facebook he 😛

  2. I agree, it’s very complicated. One day MySpace is the place, the next it’s facebook, and who knows what the future will bring.

    Just for the record, when I’m talking about the facebook page being more relevant to me than MySpace, I’m talking from a strictly in regard to fans/listeners. I’m not talking about the friends and fellow musicians/artists I have met on MySpace, that’s a whole different story, and a major part of the reason I’m not abandoning MySpace.

    MySpace is still a good place to meet and connect with fellow musicians as well as other artists. No doubt about that. It’s just no longer the best way to connect with “regular” listeners in my opinion.

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