Interesting Websites (part 1)

I must admit that besides the time I spend working on my own sites, I have somewhat limited time for surfing around the net and visiting other sites. Still, I’m going to start a list of places on the net which I find interesting and well worth a visit.

(Just a little disclaimer: 1. The fact that I find the sites interesting does not necessarily mean that I agree with the opinions expressed on them. It means exactly what it says: I find them interesting and worth visiting that you may form your own opinion. 2. I’m not going to list them in any particular order, but rather randomly as they come to mind and as I surf by them. Thus sites not mentioned in this first round is not in any way less interesting or important to me than the ones I mention below)

Alright, today I’ll start out with three very different sites (all of them of course free of charge to view and use). I’m not going to mention any of the music sites I frequent this time around (there should be something to look forward to the next time ;)) but instead I’ll touch on a few other topics.

First, I think most people have heard about this site by now, but it does deserve mentioning: An encyclopedia written by its readers – anyone can write and edit the articles! If you write something wrong (willfully or not), chances are it will be corrected by others within few hours, or even minutes. A fascinating idea, and even more fascinating that it actually works (for most parts). Like everything else on the net one should always excercie caution about the correctness of the informations, but with that in mind it can be a very useful tool. Actually when I said I was not going to mention any music sites this time it was not 100% true as there are a very large number of music articles, some of them of high quality, to be found on wikipedia.

Next is a discussion forum called »The Rant Page«. A place to let out some steam! Things can get pretty heated, as it tend to do when people of various political views join in discussions, but it is generally very well managed so it’s certainly worth a visit.

Third, and now to something completely different: A web cartoon that I read from time to time: It’s written by the quite talented cartoonist Scott Kurtz. I don’t know him personally but I tend to like the humour of that series.

Well, that’s all for this time. This is just the beginning, I could mention many other sites that I find interesting, and I will.. 🙂 Until next time, happy surfing – and remember, always use your intelligence, common sense and remain critical of whatever information you get through the net (or elsewhere for that matter)