Hello from aboard the good ship »Splendour of the Seas«

I’m writing this from the library (where there’s a wi-fi connection), looking out the panoramic windows, while the coast of eastern Italy slowly passes by in the horizon. Yesterday we (my girlfriend Mette-Marie and I) set out from Venice, Italy and tomorow we’ll reach Athens, Greece. Then we’ll go to Mykenos, Rhodes and finally Dubrovnik (Croatia) before returning to Venice from where we’ll take a plane back to Copenhagen.

It’s a great ship – both in size and comfort, and we have an extremely nice cabin with our own balcony (I’ll post some photos later). It’s all very relaxing which is exactly what I needed, but not the least boring (I think there’s many misconceptions about going on a cruise being boring, etc.) and the passengers are a mixed bunch of all ages and nationalities.

Yesterday, we experienced Venice during what can best be described as a rain storm. Though we got absolutely soaked when walking around the city and later waiting for transportation to the ship, it also had its own beauty. The Saint Marco square was completely flooded, not something you see every day.

Anyhow, so far the journey is going very well and I’ll be back later. Please excuse if I’m not updating this frequently – the satellite internet connection onboard is quite expensive…

Best regards,