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Happy (belated) New Year everyone! I’ll start the new year on this blog with a little tech-post reflecting upon the Apple iPhone which was revealed during Steve Jobs’ speech at MacWorld just a few hours ago.

Let me cut right to the chase: I predict that Apple’s iPhone will be a smash hit! There’s no way around it – the new “multi-touch” interface is revolutionary and leads the way for all “smart-phones” in the future (that is unless Apple has got all the patents covered – in which case most of them would be iPhones anyway ;)). It’s got so many features it’s almost overwhelming, but hopefully Apple has found out the right way to make it truly user friendly, which in fact would be the most revolutionary aspect of it since almost all current phones and “smart-phones” are really lacking in that department.

Anyhow, I see myself owning an Apple iPhone when it arrives in Europe (unfortunately not before the end of the year, I could really use a replacement soon for my current Samsung (talk about bad usability…)). Plus I am actually one of the few people who don’t own an iPod (!), so this would combine both my need for a new phone and the usefulness of an iPod. Exciting stuff.

As a funny side note, some of the Danish so called technology “experts” are predicting the iPhone’s failure according to the news agency Ritzau, in a news article which is touring all Danish papers. That is a hilarious but also tragic testament to the lack of vision when it comes to some journalists and analysts. It’s quite sad actually. Probably these same fools predicted the failure of the iPod. And in the past they would have predicted the failure of the personal computer, the television, the telephone, electricity, the theory of gravitation, etc…. 😀

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