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An improvisation in Paris

Here is a video with a free improvisation I played on the wonderful Aristide Cavaillé-Coll/Joseph Merklin organ in L’èglise Saint-Antoine-des-Quinze-Vingts in Paris. I was in Paris last week. Taking a walk in the late afternoon, just relaxing and enjoying the city after a meeting, I passed by L’èglise Saint-Antoine-des-Quinze-Vingts. They have a magnificent Cavaillé-Coll organ, […]

Facebook Fan Pages vs. Myspace Artist Pages

Last year, a publicist set up a Facebook fan page for me but I didn’t get involved in it myself initially. Until January 6th this year that is, when I decided to kick start it by becoming active updating the page. Here’s the link: Frederik Magle Music A Facebook Fan Page differs from a Myspace […]

A Long Journey – The history of Cantabile (Part 1)

The journey begins in early 2003 with my first meeting with Prince Henrik (the Prince Consort of Denmark), regarding the composition of a large work for symphony orchestra, choir and soloists – using poems from his book »Cantabile« as the text. A journey that would end up taking many years longer than I, or anyone […]


On the 27th, the day before yesterday, my beloved cat Smilla died from liver cancer. I’ve written a post about her here. -Frederik

Some new photos

Yesterday I had a complete series of photos taken by a good friend of mine, a great photographer and graphics artist, Michel Winckler-Krog. The weather was excellent so we spend the afternoon in Copenhagen with Michel making some crazy shoots, including some of me standing in the middle of Knippelsbro (Knippels Bridge) during rush hour! […]

A Tale Of Two Music Forums

A little over four years ago (in 2002) I founded Magle International Music Forums. Initially it worked as a sort of glorified »guest book« in addition to my personal site. But very soon – within the first 6 months – I took it in a completely different direction and largely removed the affiliation with my […]

Hello from aboard the good ship »Splendour of the Seas«

I’m writing this from the library (where there’s a wi-fi connection), looking out the panoramic windows, while the coast of eastern Italy slowly passes by in the horizon. Yesterday we (my girlfriend Mette-Marie and I) set out from Venice, Italy and tomorow we’ll reach Athens, Greece. Then we’ll go to Mykenos, Rhodes and finally Dubrovnik […]

Back in business…

Well, the title is a little misleading since I haven’t actually been out of business this summer (I’ve been composing, more about that later), but I’m now back in the internet business as well That means I will be updating this blog more ofen (hopefully) and also that I am now much more present at […]

»Kosmos« revisited

A couple of days ago I got a call from a Danish organist. A trumpet player debuting from the music conservatoire had asked him if he could buy the score for my work »Kosmos«, since he would possibly like to play it at a concert this summer (after having heard it on CD – an […]

Symphonic poem »Cantabile« progress log

For a very long time now I have been working on a large-scale work of classical music; the symphonic poem »Cantabile« (MP3 download of the first movement). It is nearing its completion, the only thing missing is for me to finish the third movement (the first, second, and fourth are all ready). I’m running a […]